Wisdom of the Divine Part 5

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"My precious children, please bear with me when I plead with you, you who are like those whom I have given birth to, born of me, to such of you, I gift this Knowledge of Truth, which is, that your belief, that Trust in the Almighty, is your Power and your Strength, your Purity and the Perfection of your Soul. These will determine the destiny of your Soul and ensure the victory of your existence, victory of Perfection and Purity, the victory of Unity, when you attain that conviction that all other lives are like your own life."

His Holiness Sheikh Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Rad)

Colombo, 28th April 1981.

Chapter 1: Peace

You will come to know that what you undergo or suffer (karmam) is of your own choosing, and what you yourself have sought. That which you have sought you inevitably have to bear. And it is also inevitable that if we shall not realise and understand this sequence of inevitability, it is we who will have to bear the consequence of our own ignorance.

Thus, Anger (being hostile) is a quailty which to some, is like a religion. How can we kill it? It can only be killed by a sharpened intellect (koorvaputhi). Anger is like an elephant, - heavy, burdensome, which obliterates everything on its path, and cannot be killed easily. A very sharp intellect is the only weapon with which you can kill it. In folklore, it is said that if you are able to kill it, you are likened to a 'dev muni' (a petty god in tamil folklore). To us, it means that one could realise the Truth (Haqq) which is Allah...

Chapter 2: Origination of the Soul, the Life within Life, the Light Unseen

In the unimaginable, inestimable aeons before the Begining, (A'hdi kimun Ana'dhi), God says, He has kept within himself His Treasure (Porul) (His own Consciousness of His Grace). That Treasure was within Him. That is His Grace (Rahmath).

In that period, aeons before the begining, when He spoke, he spoke with "That", the Aq, which was within Himself. And the Aq which was within Himself "spoke"...

Chapter 3: The death of the "I" consciousness, necessary for Perfection and Purity of the Soul

My children, I greet you with all my love, you who are so precious to me, you who possess those truest qualities; in the name of Allah who is the Supreme and the Knower, Allah who is most worthy of worship; who embraces us with His incomparable Love, the Most Gracious, the Most Worthy of Praise; He who showers His Grace on us who are entitled to it; the Giver who gives to him who asks, who receives, who seeks and who strives, to those He grants His Mercy having "sighted" with His Eyes of Grace (Arul kan) to bless us with what is most deserving. Ameen.

My most precious children, it is so very necessary to contemplate, to reflect a little on our state, our life. Are we not part of earth? We have within us a portion of earth, a portion of fire, a portion of water, a portion of air and a portion of ether. It is these which we must understand, comtemplate upon a little...

Chapter 4: The complete transformation of the Qualb, the precondition for Haqeeqat Insan

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. I speak to you who are so precious to me as the light of mine eye with all the love I can command, you who to me as born to me, as born with me, so precious to me as mine own light, who exists as kadr within kadr, light within my light, as love within my love, as life within my life, you who art part of me, my so very precious brothers and sisters, in the manner as Muhammad (Sal) is watched over by Allah.

May it please Allah that He protects and gives succour to your life and to your destiny, you who are so precious to me; you who are rightfully my own; may He who is the front of unfathomable Grace and undiminishing Mercy; He who showers us with such undiminishing wealth unto our Soul, the bounty and the wealth of Ilm (gnostic knowledge), the bounty of Arivu, the bounty of Grace, the bounty of life and destiny...

Chapter 5: Acquiring the Light Form of the Soul, the Surat ul Inshirah of the Ruh, the Message of the Mihraj

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. I shall speak today about the Mihraj, His Glorious Praise, and His illustrious Prophet, Salallahu wa alaihiwasallam. Today is Friday, the day of the Mihraj, which is reckoned as Saturday night. So it is appropriate to talk of the Mihraj at this time.

My beloved children, may Allah's Mercy and the Wealth of His Beneficience be upon you; may He open and enlighten you Qualb by the Wealth of the three Graces. May He the Almighty grace your Qualb with the threefold Wealth of His Being. May He shower your Qualb with Light, Certitude and Wisdom. With these may He grant you eternal life and bless you with His limitless Grace in Awwal, Dunya and Akhira (the past, the present and the hereafter), in the three states of your existence; and may He extend His protection upon you and sustain and nurture you...