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It is unutterably impossible for a finite human being to compile the infinitude of knowledge revealed in the Quran.  It consists of the Revelation of the Truth, (Haq) because the Truth is Allah, the Creator, (Haq Allah) and Allah is the Truth, (Allah Haq). The Revelations of the Truth to humankind came in different stages in different ages and times, at different places, from the Beginning (Awal).  It came into the Hearts (Qualbs) of men and women as divine inspiration, insight, after deep meditation (MUQARRBUN) and concentration, and to those beloved of the Creator, (Muqarab) like the Eight Major Prophets: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ismael, Davood, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, as well as the 124,000 lesser prophets and the several uncountable enlightened beings, since the Beginning.


What is set down in these compilations is only a miniscule, a mustard seed of revealed knowledge of the Quran, as vested in the Consciousness and Intelligence of different humans, by the Compassionate Merciful Creator.


The underlying Quranic Verses are mentioned and which uphold the words of these compilations and are set out in these series as No 1.2, 3 and 4, which one may consult.  And whilst one reads them, several imponderable positions may arise, depending on one’s unique state of mind, the depth and intensity of one’s Faith, one’s Belief, one’s Conviction, one’s Will and Determination to understand the Truth of one’s Being.


In these limited Compilation of the Quranic Revelations, wherein your Creator reveals His Knowledge unto you, He “speaks” to you as He “spoke” to His Prophets of yore.  You are His own beloved Creation; He treats you as His own glorious one of a kind unique creation, yourself.  You are a singular recipient of His Life and the receiver of His uncountable bounties and benefactions.  As such, He requests you to know Him with your belief in Him, your Faith in Him, your absolute Conviction of Him, and with your untrammelled Will and Determination to know Him.


Therefore, to know your Creator, requires your own THINKING, your own Meditation, your own Contemplation of Him, that is, it requires your own understanding, your own study, your effort, your time and your prayer.


Thus (1) THINK from whence you came as from a single fertilised cell from your mother’s womb.  A Single SEED. Think of the Wonder and Miracle of that Seed in which was encoded the entirety of your physical being which you are now. Think introspectively and deeply of how you have been created as was encoded in your seed, your form, your shape, your beauty, the entirety of your being, your colour, your own one of a kind identity, your personality, your characteristics, your physical body and its entire content.  These and more are your very own as decreed by your Creator’s command “Be” and “it is”.


You, as the best of all creations, as a human have a duty to ponder your own mystery of being, with the Fundamental Questions “Who am I? “,   “From where have I come?”, “For what purpose and end have I come?”  and “Whence am I going ?”  The answers to these questions and more, cannot be found anywhere else, whether in religions, books, philosophies, intellectual dissertations, lectures and conjectures or the saying and writings of men.  These answers must come from within yourself.


If you are convinced beyond question that there is in fact and in all Truth, there is a Superior, Formless Supraliminal Consciousness and an all pervading Formless Supra Mundane Intelligence, which created you in every detail of your being, then know well and true, that, that is the Power, your own Creator who created you, is manifest.


You will know that it is He who initiates you, who endows you with His Consciousness, His Intelligence, and His Intellect.  It is He who “speaks” as inspiration in your heart, (Qualb) and by insight reveals Himself to you.  There He emplaces and centres in your Purified Heart, your inner Qualb, your inner Heart, which becomes His House, for the “Indweller”, your Creator.


Thus you come to know that you carry with you, His “Seed” of Life, His Light, the Noor, in your Ruh, your Soul, ( See Compilation No 3 : “Your Soul.” )  Without this Seed of Life, you are Naught, nothing, lifeless, dead wood, that is, without Him in you.  It is entirely in His Power to cast His Seed of Life upon whomsoever He Wills, unto whatever physical form He Wills, wherever, whatever, He chooses in His Scheme of Creation; from the Beginning to the Hereafter.  Such is the Power of Him, the Almighty.


But this “Seed” of Life, He shall manifest in a physical form, in the physical seed of a physical father and mother, in a physical mould of His own choosing, whatever the mould shall be, of the human, the animal, or vegetable, insectaria, the fishes or the worm, or the Haiwan, or the Angel or the Satanic or of the Jinns.  He is the Almighty Determinator of all Creation, in whatever form he chooses to manifest His “Seed of Life”


Your Creator, you will know, chose to create you Himself, when you were nothing in your mother’s womb.  Then from a drop of despised water which He caused to become a clot of blood ; then a shapeless lump, then a piece of flesh, then strengthened with bones, then a living pulsating foetus,  which arose from the fertilised egg of your father and mother.  Such was your physical creation from your physical seed, that is, the One Single Seed, from which your one of a kind, unique physical being emerged.  Your seed emplaced in your mother’s womb by your Creator is your origin. He commands His Life into you, “Be” (kun) , and “it is”.  Likewise every life giving “Seed” in every other creation, whether in the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom, the fishes, the reptiles, birds, insects, things that fly, life forms in the earth, the air, the water and the never ending species of all kinds, come from a pair, a male and a female, and such seed passes on the physical code of life to the progeny, (“The inevitability of the inevitable”).


That is, like every other seed of all creation, the seed from whence you grew, carried with it, the coded or encrypted divine seed of your ancestor’s genetic code. Your genetic code is the “literature” of your inherited genes, your “x” and “y” chromosomes, and coming from the First Father and Mother, Adam and Eve. This encrypted code of yourself you have inherited which is your SELF, and which you will pass on to the SEED of your unborn generations of your progeny.


Such is the marvel and wonder of your own creation. You are therefore, a living miracle, born of a single seed of a male and female, you being a single, unique one of a kind creation, standing out of uncountable, inestimable, multitudes upon multitudes created before you, and will be created after you.  You are therefore, absolutely unique only to yourself and of yourself.


Thus your very form, your shape, your size, your beauty, your footprints and fingerprints, your very identity, your attributes, your characteristics, your personality, your memory and your thinking, your consciousness, your intelligence, your senses of taste, sight, hearing, touch and smell, your feelings, your utterance, your voice, your thinking, your intellect, - yes, every one of them and more, are all uniquely, your very own, decreed, endowed and confirmed by your Creator, the Almighty Power.


Know then, that there is no other human ever like you, in the Past, the Present or will be in the Future.  Such then, is the Power, the Intent and the Will of your Creator.


Silently meditate as your Prayer which then becomes your speech to Him, and think how your Creator conferred upon you, a miniscule portion of His own Consciousness as your Perr Arivu, His Light, His Noor, and His Intelligence, your Quthubiyat or your analytical wisdom, your Pahuth Arivu, His Knowledge, your Arivu, His Intellect, His Awareness.  Thus, he emplaced His Light of Consciousness in your Purified inner Heart. His Noor. But in this present life of the world, Hayat ud Duniya, you are wholly unaware, perplexed and ignorant of His Noor within you.  If you remain ignorant of your Noor and forget Him who is your own Light, never can your enlightenment by your Noor occur. If you are beset by the whisperings of the Iblis, if you are beset with the 70 thousand veils of the darkness of ignorance, of torpor and the manifest Satanism, the animalism or if you are in the stranglehold of your egotistic “I” consciousness, which is the enemy within you, and your arrogance, - Never can your Noor enlighten you.


But your Creator has emplaced Himself within you as your Conscience to help you battle in the Karbala of your Heart, to distinguish the Halal and the Haram, the good and the bad, to take in the good and discard the wrong by your own will, by your own effort, by your vigil and your determination – the elimination of the bad and replacing it with the good is the end of your human endeavour, which is in a sense the “sustenance “ of your own Noor, your Light.


Meditate as you pray and think deeply of how your Creator has enabled His Life within you to function.  Consider, think and meditate in your daily prayers of thanksgiving, how your Creator has emplaced within you, the most intricate, the most exquisite, unparalleled, inexplicable, intimate, uniquely functioning natural growth factor which is functioning unaided, autonomously, automatically, the innumerable systems within you, to enable you to live your life.


In the ages of ignorance before, the manifest Truths remained unknown, except in a few.  In this Age, the investigations, the inquiries, the several studies, the sciences, the new array of knowledge and the mysteries of your being as well as the environment in which you live, the earth, the sky, the stars, the atom, these are now being unfolded to you.  Human intelligence, the gift of the Creator, is now opening the doors of the manifest Quranic Wisdom, latent in man. Learn, the Quran Commands, from your observation of phenomena (Aynul Yakeen), learn from the knowledge which you gather (Ilmul Yakeen) and learn from the Truth manifest within you, (Haqul Yakeen.)


See then within you, if you can, the one of a kind, unique working, intricate, growing, maturing, pulsating life forms.


See the working of your central nervous system consisting of the different kinds of nerves, and how they are co- coordinated; your intricate automatic immune system; your alimentary system, by which you take in the ordained “rizq”, the sustenance for your physical body and the purifying water, and the elimination of your body waste and urine; the autonomous, automatic, cardinal system, pulsating from four chambers of your heart, unseen and unregulated by you; which governs your respiratory system, your breathing in and out, enabling the oxygenation of every part of your body; your automatic breathing, which portrays the breath of Life, which your Creator blows into you, forty-three thousand times a day into you, to sustain you.


Then your inbuilt glandular system constantly, uniquely your own, with its ductless glands, each a  universe of specialist, pulsating living- cells, perform distinct functions to uphold you and regulate your chemical balance, your fluid balance, your energy and heat balance, all of which are vital for the proper, natural functioning of every component of your body.


Your Creator perfected your brain and implanted in it, thirty-five Billion or so, nerve-endings, each a living-cell, which necessitate the instant, co ordination and functioning of every aspect of your body, so automatically computing every information from every part  of your body.  It is the natural functioning seat of your consciousness, your thinking, your intelligence, your rational thoughts and the automatic synchronisation of your five senses, that is, your hearing and balance, your smell, sight, taste, touch and feeling, your utterance and voice, your own finger and footprints.


Then consider your bone structure perfectly fashioned, within which the marrow, the veritable factories, is producing the blood cells, the red and white corpuscles, the platelets, the serum and so many others.


Likewise, the vital universes of living-cells in your liver, the spleen, the kidneys, the muscle fibres, the tissues, which are absolutely necessary for  your life; then the organ of your own skin with its cells, layer upon layer, with its hair follicles and pores, your own protective garment.


Most important, your Creator has vested you with the Power to take upon yourself His attributes, His Qualities, His Nature and His Essence, (Zat) and elevate yourself in this lifetime from the Haiwaniyath, the Animal, the Shaithaniyath, the Satanic, the Nafsaniyath, the illusive Hayat ud Duniya, the attachments of the worldly, in which you had suffered and abhorred before, and which you have now forgotten.  You have the Power to take upon yourself the Ninety-Nine attributes, the Qualities, the Essence and the Perfection of your Creator, such as His Compassion, His Mercy, His Justice, His Perfection, and His Peace, as outlined in the Asma-ul-Husna.  Thus, your intention or Niyat to acquire His Perfection culminates when you become Mercy incarnate, Compassion incarnate, Justice incarnate and all other attributes of the Asma –ul- Husna incarnate. 


It is your Conscience which guides and monitors your every action in this higher state.  Such is the Power and Potency of that single seed from whence you came.


Then comes the contemplation of Your Creator, you contemplate upon your Creator the wonder, the wonder, the wonder of that Supreme, Unseen, Uncreated Power, All Pervading, Omniscient, Omnipresent, who is within you and outside you, who is closer to you than your jugular vein, who sustains you, provides your rizq, never letting you starve, providing protecting angels, to monitor the earth, fire, water, the air in you, your death, your life: thus, you contemplate Him on bended knees doing sajada and salath, -  keep your forehead at His Feet in total surrender and thanksgiving for the indescribable bounties upon bounties  which  He has cast upon you.  His love and concern for you is divine, undying and eternal as He has bonded with you as a mother would of her infant.  You are therefore, His bondsman who is called upon to reciprocate His Bond with you in any manner you wish by keeping vigil through out the Night, or one half of the Night or one third of the Night (Thahajath) in total Remembrance of Him (Zikr), in Deep and Meditative Contemplation and Thanksgiving, as He has suggested in the Kanzul Arsh, the Throne Hymn.


Such then, is the Miracle, the Marvel, the Wonder of your Seed.


You must also know that our Beloved Rasool, Muhammad Mustapha Rasool Sallalahu Wa Sallam, who is the absolute of Human Perfection, as the Perfect Man, the Insan Kamil, perfected himself during the long vigil in Mount Hira, in meditation and contemplation, in the harshest of climates in the wild hot desert, without any record of his having partaken of food or water, living in isolation, with no mortal to care for him, being the abject slave of his Creator, to whom he submitted in Total Surrender, and whom he loved with utmost Belief, Faith, Conviction and Perfect Iman.


Your Rasool, thus became, by his self- imposed dedication , by his determination and Will, the Arch type of Human Perfection, like the prophets of yore, Jesus, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ismael, David, Moses and all other Enlightened beings.


Thus, your Rasool took upon himself the Qualities, the Nature, the Attributes of His Creator, as outlined in the Asma-ul-Husna, when he became Compassion incarnate,  Mercy incarnate, Loving Kindness incarnate, Justice incarnate, Peace Incarnate, as well as the Ninety-Nine other attributes of your Almighty Creator.


To all Mankind Before (Awwal ), or in the Now, or in the years to come, (Ahkir), he stands out as the Supreme Exemplar, the Human Model, your very arch type, which you are ordained to become in this life or ever, as the End of Human Endeavour.