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The Miracle of Creation as revealed to Man, yourself by the Unseen Almighty Creator, coming as Revelation from the lips of the unlettered, unschooled Prophet Muhammed, is the Ultimate Wonder of all Believers of the ONE GOD. Looking at yourself the miracle of absolute uniqueness of yourself, meaning, that no other living being is ever like you now extant, or existent, (or will be existent ), possessing your characteristics, features, colour, your entire cellular structure the life forms each within you, the myriad living cells, the tissues in your organs, brain, your bones, your genes and your genetic code etc, etc – these are all your own special creations, your own. You are therefore, the Living Miracle.

Previously, the Revelations from the Almighty did come to the Prophets of yore and all Enlightened Beings, such as the Eight Major, the 24 minor prophets, the 124,000 or so Enlightened Beings from the Beginning.

Let the Revelations of the Creator in the Holy Quran reveal Himself and thus speak to you, His own creation, and to mankind.

HQ 2: 5

“Oh Mankind, if you are in doubt concerning
Resurrection, then Lo ! (think ). We have created you
from dust, then from a seed, then from a clot, then
from a lump of flesh, shaped and shapeless, - that we
may make clear for you. And we cause what We will to
remain in the womb for an appointed time, and afterwards,
we bring you forth as infants; then We give you
growth that you will attain full strength. And among
you is he who is brought back to the most abject time
of life ( old age), so that after knowledge, he knoweth,
naught. ( at the time of death)”

HQ 23.12-17

“ Verily, We created Man from a product of wet
earth; then We placed him as a drop in a safe lodging.
Then fashioned We the drop, a clot; then fashioned We
the clot, a little lump; then fashioned We the lump,
bones; then clothed the bones, with flesh; and produced
it as another creation ( yourself). So blessed be
Allah the best of Creators.”

HQ 32.7-11

“……..Who made all things good which He created;
And He began the

Creation of Man from clay. Then He made the seed
from a draught of despised fluid. Then He fashioned
him and breathed into him of His Spirit, and appointed
for you your hearing and your sight and hearts;
small thanks give ye;”

Say “And the Angel of death who hath charge concerning
you, will gather you, and afterwards, unto
your Lord you will be returned.”

HQ 39.6

“He created you from one being. Then from that
being He made its mate.

And He provided you of cattle eight kinds. He created
you, ( yourself ) in the wombs of your mothers, cre

ation after creation (code of life flowing through the
umbilical cords from the first mother) in a threefold
gloom. Such is Allah, Your Lord. His is the
Sovereignty. There is no God save Him. How then are
you turned away?”

HQ 31.10 -28

“ He hath created the Heavens without support, that
you can see, and cast unto the earth firm hills so that
it quaketh not with you; And He hath dispersed therein
all kinds of beasts; And We send down water from
the sky, and We cause plants of every goodly kind to
grow therein.

This is the Creation of Allah. Now show Me that
which those you worship besides Him have created.
Nay, the wrongdoers are in error manifest. See you not
how Allah has made serviceable unto you, whatsoever
is in the skies, and whatsoever is in the earth, and has
loaded you with His favours both without and within
(you) ? Yet of mankind is he who disputeth concerning
Allah without knowledge or guidance or a scripture
which gives light. Unto Allah belongeth whatsoever
is in the Heavens and in the Earth. Lo! Allah is
the Absolute owner of Praise.

Your creation and your raising from the dead are only as the creation and raising of a single soul, (yourself). Lo! Allah is Hearer, Knower.”

HQ 36 :12

“It is We who bring the dead to life. We record that
which they send before, and their footprints, And
things we have kept in a clear register.”

HQ 2: 6

“He it is who gave you life. Then, He will cause you
to die, and then give you life again. Lo ! Man is ever
an ingrate.”

HQ 71:13 – 18

“ What aileth you ( What is your problem ? ) that you
 hope not towards Allah for dignity ? When He created
you by diverse stages ? And Allah has caused you
to grow as a growth from the earth. And afterwards
He maketh you to return thereto, and He will bring
you forth again, a new forthcoming.”

HQ 82: 6

“Oh Man had made thee careless concerning thy
Lord, the Beneficent who created thee, then fashioned
thee and proportioned thee, into whatsoever form He
will casteth thee.”

HQ 30:19

“And He bringeth forth the living from the dead and
He bringeth forth the dead from the living. And He
reviveth the Earth after her death. And even so will
you be brought forth.”

HQ 80:17-22

“Man is self-destroyed ; how ungrateful. From what
thing doth He create him? From a drop of seed He createth
him and proportioneth him; Then maketh the
way easy for him. Then causeth him to die, and burieth
him.Then when He will, He bringeth him back to life.”

HQ 84:13-19

“He verily lived joyously with his folks, he verily
deemed that he would never return

( unto Allah ). Nay, his Lord is ever looking at him. “
Oh I swear” by the afterglow of the sunset, And by the
Night and all that it enshroudeth, And by the Moon
when it is full, that you shall journey on from plane to

HQ 67:1-24

“ Blessed is He in whose hands is the Sovereignity.
And He is able to do all things, Who hath created Life
and Death that He may try you which of you is best in
conduct. And He is the Mighty, the Forgiving ! Say
(unto them ) Oh Muhammed, He it is who gave you
being and assigned unto you eyes, ears, and hearts;
small thanks give ye ! He it is who multiplieth you in
the earth and unto Him will you be gathered.”

HQ 16: 40 – 78

“……..And our Word unto a thing, when We intend
(creation ) is only that we say unto it “Be “ and it is.
And Allah brought you forth from the wombs of your
mothers knowing nothing, and gave you hearing and
sight and hearts that haply you may give thanks.”

HQ 15: 26 - 29

“We created Man from Potters clay of black mud
altered;And the Jinn We created aforetime of essential fire,
And remember when thy Lord said unto the Angels,‘Lo ! I am creating a mortal of black mud altered.So when I have made him and breathed into him of
my spirit , do ye all fall down prostrating yourselves
unto Him?’”

HQ 19: 67

“Doth not man remember that We created him
before When he was naught?”

HQ 16: 4

“He hath created man from a drop of fluid. Yet,
behold ! he is an open opponent.

But for those who believe not in the Hereafter, their
hearts refuse to know, for they are proud.”

HQ 13: 3-5

“ He it is who spread out the earth, and placed therein
firm hills and flowing streams, and of all fruits,We placed therein two spouses (male and female).‘ If thou wonderest, then wondrous is the saying, -‘‘When we are dust, are we forsooth ( to be raised ) in
a new creation ?’Such are they who disbelieve in their Lord; such
have carcans on their necks.Such are the rightful owners of the fire; they will
abide therein ‘.”

HQ 10: 35

Say “ Is there of your partners ( whom you ascribed unto Allah)One that produceth creation and reproduceth it.
How then are you misled?”

HQ 10: 102

Say “ Behold what is in the Heavens and the Earth !
But revelations and warnings avail not folks who will
not believe.”

HQ 32: 4

“Allah it is who created the Heavens and the Earth
in six days ( timeless Eons ). Then He mounted the
Throne . You have not besides Him a protecting friend
or mediator. Will you not remember ?”

HQ 3:.5

“He directeth the Ordinance from the Heavens unto
the Earth;Then it ascendeth unto Him in a Day (a single kiyama), Whereof the measure is thousands of years of
that you reckon.”

HQ 70:1- 4

“A questioner questioned concerning the Doom
about ....Upon the disbelievers which none can repel.From Allah, the Lord of the Ascending Highways whereby the Angels and the Spirit ascend in a day,
whereof the span is fifty thousand years.”

HQ 24: 45

“Allah has created every animal of water,of them is ( a kind ) that goeth upon its belly,and a kind that goeth upon two legs and a kind that
goeth upon four.Allah createth what He will. Lo ! Allah is able to do
all things.”

HQ 21.30 – 105

“Have not those who disbelieve known that the
Heavens and the Earth were of one piece; then We
parted them, and We made every living thing of water.
Will they not believe ?”

“And she who was chaste (Mary ), therefore We
breathed into her of Our Spirit, and made her and her
son a token for all peoples.

And there is a ban upon any community which we
have destroyed, that they shall not return, until when
Gog and Magog are let loose and they hasten out from
every mound.”

“The Day when we shall roll up the Heavens as a
recorder rolleth up a scroll,

As We began the first creation, We shall repeat it.

It is a promise binding upon us.

Lo ! We are to perform it,

Verily We have written in the Scripture,

My righteous slaves will inherit the earth. “

Compiled by the Serendib Sufi Study Circle (Incorporated)
 Sri Lanka.