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THE  REVEALED  QURANIC  COMMANDMENT  for the Daily  ZIKR  or the REMEMBRANCE of ALLAH,  Your Quranic Duty.

Allah provides the very words for your Daily Supplication to Him – ( Chapter 17, The Children of Israel. H.Q.)


“Establish worship at the going down of the sun until the dark of the night, and ( the recital of ) the Quran at dawn.  Lo ! ( the recital of ) the Quran at dawn is ever witnessed.” ( V.78 )

“And some part of the night awake for it; a largess for thee.  It maybe that thy Lord will raise thee to a praised estate” – ( V. 79)

“And say ( pray); “ My Lord ( Ya Allah) cause me to come in with a firm Incoming ( ILALLAH) and to go out with a firm Outgoing, ( LA ILLAHA).  And give me from Thy Presence a Sustaining POWER.” ( V. 80 )

 “And say ( pray ); “ Truth hath come and falsehood hath vanished away ( from me ).  Lo ! Falsehood is ever bound to vanish.” ( V 81 )


Instructions by our Beloved Sheikh, Bawa Muhammad Rahim:

When doing the Daily Zikr

The selfsame Zikrs attached, are for the three Types of Zikr, for current use.  They are:

1.       Zikr Jali

2.       Zikr Qualbi

3.       Zikr Ruhi


1.       Zikr Jali : - is recited loud by the Mouth. This is for the Dunya, which causes your afflictions and the troubles which beset you; for sickness and pain, etc, etc.  This is asking your Maker to free you from them. This may be said in congregation with your Niyath or Intention, which must be made at the time the Zikr is recited or uttered.


2.       Zikr Qualbi : - the Silent Zikr of the Haqeekath Stage, the HAQ.  This is the self same Zikr, when uttered silently with the meanings which you understand , with lips closed, with only the tip of the Tongue Moving, like the vibrating tongue of a flute, focusing on, with deep concentration on two points, that are:


 (i )  say a point of Light, just above your forehead, which you “see” with your half closed eye- movement. This is your own NOOR. You must intend or have Niyath, to draw in your own Light, the Noor, with your inward breath;  inhale, as being drawn through your right nostril, through to the apex of your Head, the Arsh, to be thrust down to your Heart or Qualb, to enlighten it with your own NOOR.  The constant practice of this technique, lights up not only your heart, but every part of your being, as time goes on.  The thrust inwards is uttered by the Kalima, “ ILALLAH “ ( You are Allah ).  Know the meanings of the words of the Zikr.


(2 ) the second point of concentration when the “IL ALLAH” is flowing in, is your Heart, the Qualb, to which your one pointed concentration now moves, and is your intense focus at that point.  You intend your Heart, the Qualb to receive Your Noor to all parts of your being, thus illuminating your entire being.  This cannot be done in a few days, months or years of practice.  It needs your Will, your Determination, your Effort, your Belief and your Faith for this practice.  As you proceed, you will experience the effect of your Zikr, little by little.  Such experience will be your own unique secret experience.  Thus, begins the dawning of your Light at Fajr as in the Surah Inna Anzaina, from the darkness of the night.  As you proceed on this path of enlightenment, Bawangal, wants you to observe the slight changes or experiences, as you begin to master this technique.  You will feel a slight heaviness of your forehead, or a slight twitching of your eyes, or your body begins a slight feeling “Poorikrasu” (a tingling sensation).  You feel a slight movement of your body hairs up and down, or have a feeling that an ant is moving or crawling upwards, or you feel a sense of elation or happiness or a slight vibration of your Qualb.  These will be your own unique experiences and are not comparable to anybody elses’.  So do not talk about them or boast about these experiences.   Only Time, however long, will tell of your progress, till your enlightenment dawns.  Constantly focus your attention on your Light with Feeling  and Emotion and Love ( “ Ohappu “ ) for your Maker.


(3)  If you inhale with your right nostril, you have to expel the air within, with your left nostril, saying “ Nee Po, “ meaning the bad and the evil within you.  Saying “ Get Out”,   you exhale the air with the left nostril.  This exhaled air must be intended by you, to arise from the toes, moving through your body, your mouth and vicious tongue , your hands and your Qualb, to the apex of your head, the Arsh and pushed out firmly from your left  nostril.  And you order it to “ get out “ .  When the air arises, you intend that it carries with it, the evils, the sins committed by your legs, your hands, your tongue and your body;  your sins that include the hurting of another by your legs, hands, body and mouth, and most important the evil of Satan in your heart, such as your backbiting someone, your resenting someone, speaking ill of someone, hurting someone, being jealous of someone, your hatred, your malice, your greed, your attachments to the world in so many ways, your anger, your animal qualities ( Haiwaniyath), your pompous arrogance, your egotistic “I” consciousness, ( “ I am great “ ), which is Allah’s enemy and your enemy within.


This is the enemy which caused Adam’s fall and is the enemy of God and of yourself, within you, and was the downfall of Ibliss, Satan. Therefore, beware of your downfall, however high you may rise. Therefore, intend with every breath to remove this “poison” in you, by the constant formula given to you by Your Maker, Allah, by saying, “ Aoodubillahi Minnush Shaitan nir Rajeem”.  This killer  "I" consciousness will cause your doom, if you do not eliminate it before you pass away.

By way of explanation, this formula “ La Illaha “, is for the purification of your Qualb and your being, before your Light can come in to enlighten you by the formula, "ILALLAH"  with your inward breath.

Thus, begins your slow enlightenment determined by you, and intently and intensely practiced by you alone.

This is the Zikr Qualb, and is done from your Qualb or Heart, for the Haqeeketh stage, where you identify your “Haq”, - the Absolute Truth as  HAQ ALLAH  and  ALLAH HAQ, in your Qualb. This is the emplacement of the TRUTH in your Heart.

Thus, you realize HAQ ALLAH – The Truth is Allah and ALLAH HAQ – Allah is the Truth.  And Mansoor ibn Hallaj realized “ ANNAL HAQ “ meaning “ I am the TRUTH “ , “ ANNAL HAQ “, for which utterance, he was put to death.  For ordinary, unrealized mortals, this utterance is forbidden on pain of death.


3.       Zikr Ruhi : - the self same Zikr Qualbi  arises from your Qualb or your purified Heart.  If you have now attained the stage of uttering this heartfelt Zikr by yourself, you move to the higher stage of uttering the Zikr from your Ruh, or your Soul.  It will be your Ruh which you shall make to recite the Zikr and the Zikr is made to originate from your Ruh, your Soul, uttering the Zikr with meaning, with “ Ohoppu” or Love for Allah.  This Zikr gives a sense of elation and ecstasy, a feeling of intense joy when you commune with Your Maker, the Indweller.  This stage is the MA’ARIFA stage, which takes your considerable time; intense effort and deep concentration;, will and determination; and most important, a most gracious LOVE for Your MAKER, from your melting heart, made pure and holy by you.  The Quran calls upon you to turn your face towards your Inviolable Place of Worship, your Purified Qualb, your Heart, when doing the ZIKR  QUALBI and the ZIKR  RUHI.


Note:  H.Q.  2. 149:  “ And whence thou comest forth, Oh Muhammad, turn thy face towards the inviolable place of worship “, ( The Qibla ).

The very next line in the Quran says:

H.Q. 2.150:  “ Whence thou comest forth, Turn thy face towards the Inviolable Place of worship……”  ( Your Purified Qualb, which now becomes Inviolable by Satan ; the Dunya, the Animalism, your every bad quality, that you had carried earlier. )


( Bawanga`s Zikr which you must do, is set out in Teachings).