The  Revealed  Quranic Commandment Series

With all Reverence to our beloved Rasool, we have compiled a few Quranic words of the Almighty, relating to His Miracle, His Creation of the Absolute Unique Being, Yourself.


It is our hope and prayer that as believers of the Almighty, you will take in the words of these Revealed Verses as directed to you, as ILM by Allah Himself, as the context in which these words occur will show.

By the Grace of the Almighty, may it please you to spread these hallowed revelations by all means at your disposal, to elevate and enhance the spiritual well being of those of you, those among you, and those who care for and know, and all others who are True Believers of the One God, as a Quranic Duty to your Creator.


Reiterated in HQ 47: Verse 7:  “Oh you who believe, if you help Allah, He will help you, and make your foothold strong.”




AH Mohideen
President, Serendib Sufi Study Circle (Inc)

The Series

Your Seed

Your Creation

Your Prayer

Your Soul

Remembrance of Allah

Your Creator

Your Death

The Disbelievers